About Me

Born in the Queen City but raised on the Wicked Shit from Detroit. I have been a Juggalo since '97-'98, a Ohio Juggalo put me on. Always lived in North Carolina but I have went and visited other places. My music taste is wide range from Heavy Metal to Classical. If it sounds good and flows, my ears will chime in. I grew up on Country Music but found my love listening to Hip-Hop as it evolved.

My music is Different and I do not plan on changing my style. I feel like I am part of my own Genre.
I would say it is Underground Rap mixed with Underground Pop... I call it HorrorPop.

I am a Gemini and so are my Demons. Only I have 3 not the typical 2.
I have the Good Demon, The Bad Demon and the Trippeh Demon...
You can usually figure out who is driving by the color of the Hair.
But watch out for shift change!

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Instagram: md49scooby
TikTok: md49scooby
Twitter: MD49Scooby
Facebook: MD49Scooby
Soundcloud: MD49
Genius Lyrics: MD49

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My YouTube Channel
Minha Princesa - Music Video
Where's Sally? - Singing Video




Times A Tickin' - Single (Sept 13th)
Death Season - EP (Oct 13th)
The Crystal Ball - EP (Nov 13th)


Black Hearts - EP (Feb 10th)


Minha Princesa - Single (Dec 24th)


The Good, The Bad & The Trippeh - Album TBA


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